Free Stock Photo Websites: The Ultimate List

When you perform a Google Images search, the resulting photos are not necessarily ones that you’re free to use however you wish. In the majority of cases, these photos are still covered by photographers’ copyrights.

If you’re looking for photos to use for a design and wish to avoid copyright disputes, you need to locate websites that explicitly define the copyright license of each image. This is where stock images are useful.

Whether you’re designing or running a website, stock photos are a necessary component. While you can pay for stock photos, there are plenty of free options that have beautiful images in a nearly any category you can think of.

In this post, we’ve curated a massive list of free stock photo sites that you can download and use for your personal and commercial projects. We’ve also included information on licensing and attribution where available.

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Website Launch: The Ultimate Launch Plan and Checklist

One of the mistakes we may make in developing a new website is not having a launch plan. Taking the time to develop a launch plan and an accompanying pre/post checklist allows you to make sure all of the necessary things are in place prior to making your site live. Doing so will contribute to you having a successful and hopefully error free launch for your website.

The Launch Plan: What to Do Before You Launch

Try to think of your website launch as an event. After all, you’ve put in hours of hard work to brand, design, develop, and create content for your website.

To help you prepare for the event, we are going to provide with you a few things to consider.

Have a Launch Date and Stick to It

It’s ideal to have a specific date and time for your newest project to go live on the web. Sit down and think of when you want to unveil your website to the public. Then work towards making that deadline. To accomplish this goal, you should:

  1. Write down your launch date.
  2. Write down the major tasks that need to occur by working your way backwards from the launch date to the very first thing you should do.
  3. Break down major tasks into minor tasks.
  4. Put these tasks into some kind of task tracking application or software (i.e. Podio, Asana, Remember The Milk, etc.).

Knowing when you want to launch and having the accompanying tasks outlined will help you stay focused towards achieving your launch date.

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