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10 Things to Consider If You Want to Build and Sell Digital Products

It’s easier than ever to build and sell digital products online. There are numerous online options for creatives and designers to sell their creations. In fact, there are so many choices that it can almost paralyze you with indecision. For example, you have:

If that isn’t enough, there’s always your own custom solution for selling your products.

Here at Codeberry, we decided to build and sell digital products online in 2014. We have learned a lot along the way. Nearly all of the information provided in this post are the things we wished we knew before starting up. Hopefully, our advice will help any future and even current makers out there. So before you furiously spend hours to build and sell digital products online, take a moment to consider these 10 things.

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32 Best Websites with Amazing Free Stock Photos

Whether you’re designing or running a website, stock photos are a necessary component. While you can pay for stock photos, there are plenty of free options that have beautiful images in a nearly any category you can think of.

Be sure to avoid using photos that you find when you perform a Google Images search. These photos are not necessarily ones that you’re free to use however you wish.

If you’re looking for photos to use for a design and wish to avoid copyright disputes, you need to locate websites that explicitly define the copyright license of each image.

In this post, we’ve curated a massive list of websites that provides amazing free stock photos that you can download and use for your personal and commercial projects. We’ve also included information on licensing and attribution where available.

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How to Successfully Launch Your Website

One of the mistakes we may make in developing a new website is not having a launch plan. Taking the time to develop a launch plan and an accompanying checklist allows you to make sure all of the necessary things are in place prior to making your website live.

What to Do Before You Launch

Try to think of your website launch as an event. After all, you’ve put in hours of hard work to brand, design, develop, and create content for your website.

To help you prepare your website for the launch event, here are a few things to consider.

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