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Managing the Video Background in Hydro

For the video version of Hydro, you can display a playable YouTube video as the background.

Adding a YouTube Video

You can add a YouTube video as the background by the following these instructions:

  1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to display as the background.
  2. Open the index-video.html file in your code editor.
  3. Search for the following id: bgndVideo
  4. Search for the data-property attribute and insert the URL into videoURL:’ ‘. Make sure the URL is contained within single quotation marks.
  5. Save the index.html file and upload it to your host’s server to view the changes.

YouTube uses HTTPS (secure HTTP) for its video service. Be sure to remove the “s” from the http: portion of the YouTube link when inserting the URL into videoURL:’ ‘ in step 5. The YouTube video will not play locally on your hard drive. You must upload it to your web host’s server to play the video.

Here is the code which you need to modify to add a new video background:

<a id="bgndVideo" class="player" data-property="{videoURL:''}"></a>