Getting Started with Phantom

This is a basic guide for you on how to set up Phantom, and get your site going right out of the box.

All Files

Here is the directory structure of all included files in the zip package:

Folder/File Sub-Folder Description
assets css, fonts, form, images, js Contains all of the files needed to style and customize the template
404-page.html N/A 404 error page
index.hml N/A Business slider background index page
index-personal.html N/A Personal slider background index page
index-video-business.html N/A Business video index page
index-video-personal.html N/A Personal video index page
project-business.html N/A Business slider project details page
project-personal.html N/A Personal slider project details page
project-video-business.html N/A Business video project details page
project-video-personal.html N/A Personal video project details page